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Around 1.2 million people leave KTM Valley

Published Date : October 2, 2019

            Kathmandu, Oct 2 : Around 1.2 million people have left Kathmandu Valley to their home towns to celebrate Dashain festival. According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, 1.191 million people left Kathmandu Valley since September 22.

            Similarly, 769,000 people have entered Kathmandu Valley in the same period. Chief of the Division, Superintendent of Police, Bhim Prasad Dhakal, said that number of people entering Kathmandu Valley has been decreasing gradually.

            He said that a total of 137,000 vehicles have left Kathmandu valley while 117,000 entered to the Valley during the period. Dhakal further said that 127,306 people have so far booked tickets in advance for Dashain festival.

            Meanwhile, police have implemented special security plan from the third week of September focusing the festivals.

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