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Bicycle tour for naming Caravan-Thinley Trekking Route

Published Date : October 13, 2019

Kathmandu, Oct 13 : A bicycle tour has been organized in Dolpa for naming the Caravan-Thinley Treeking Route. A team of 17 cyclists has arrived Dolpa for this purpose.

The road from Suligad to Phoksundo lake is being named as Caravan-Thinley Trekking Route in commemoration of Thinley Lendup Lama, the protagonist of the film, Caravan.

The bicycle tour from Kathmandu to Dolpa was undertaken to build up pressure to have the road from Suligad to Phoksundo named as Caravan-Thinley Trekking Route.

Thinley had projected Dolpa and its culture in the international arena by acting in the Oscar award nominated movie directed by French film director Eric Valli.

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