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Some 80,000 workers so far associated with Social Security Fund

Published Date : October 15, 2019

Kathmandu, Oct 15 : Around 80,000 workers have been associated with Social Security Fund.

The number of workers registered at the Fund has reached 79,655 workers after 5,170 employer companies registered themselves at the Fund till last week of September through online service.

There is a provision of deducting 31 per cent of basic salary of workers after registering them at the Fund.

The employee and families of such employee would get pension based on contribution.

Executive Director at the Fund, Kapilmani Gyawali, said that a total of 30.4 million rupees have been collected in the Fund so far.

According to the Fund, the number of the companies and workers being associated with the Fund is creasing as arrangement of registering companies and workers through online service has been made.

The offices of the Fund would be expanded at all seven states in days ahead.

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