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Pesticide testing centre in operation in Chitwan

Published Date : December 18, 2019

Chitwan, Dec 18, 2019 : Pesticide residue rapid testing lab has been brought into operation in Chitwan. The test of pesticide residue in vegetables and fruits brought to Metropolis Fruits and Vegetables Market at Bharatpur-2, Chhetrapur has begun since Tuesday.

The pesticide test laboratory has been brought into operation on the joint aegis of province government, Bharatpur metropolis, Agriculture Knowledge Centre and Metropolis Fruits and Vegetables Market.

The lab would carry out tests on the samples of fruits and vegetables taken from different 8-10 areas every day. A test generally takes half an hour. The fruits and veggies found inedible due to pesticide residue would be prevented for sale.

According to Rajan Dhakal, chief, Agriculture Knowledge Centre Chitwan, it would not be edible if the fruits and vegetables contained over 45 percent pesticide residue.

In the first day test carried out on gourd. It was found with 20 percent pesticide residue, Dhakal shared. Bharatpur market receives 150 tons of vegetables and 50 tons fruits daily. Fruits and vegetables are also daily imported from China and India to Bharatpur.

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