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Nepal Airlines to accept govt. PCR report only

Published Date : November 14, 2020

Kathmandu: National flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has announced that it would accept the PCR test report only from the government labs for the passengers travelling to Hong Kong.
The NAC said that such provision for its Hong Kong flight was taken until further notice.
The civil aviation of Hong Kong has barred the flights of NAC after some of its passengers tested positive for the coronavirus infection.
For the third time, Hong Kong has suspended the flights of NAC for two weeks, until 25 November.
NAC’s Spokesperson Karishma Shrestha said that the NAC’s flights were suspended in Hong Kong as some passengers from Nepal to Hong Kong tested positive for the coronavirus infection during their retest in Hong Kong. She, however, said NAC’s flights to other destinations are uninterrupted.

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