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A beautified Lumbini ready to welcome visitors after reopening

Published Date : November 21, 2020

BHAIRAHAWA, Nov 21: Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is eagerly waiting for tourists following its reopening after being closed for eight months due to global COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism entrepreneurs are at work to be prepared to welcome tourists post reopening of the tourist area. Renovation and clean-up at hotels and roads at Mayadevi Temple area are underway. “Entrepreneurs here are filled with happiness and encouragements following the reopening of Lumbini by the Lumbini Development Trust,” said Lila Mani Sharma, General Secretary of Lumbini Hotel Association.

“We are waiting for tourists after carrying out a clean-up and completing managerial work of hotels and other business that were closed for long due to the infection. We are all prepared to provide additional quality service post reopening of Lumbini,” said president of the Association Mithun Man Shrestha.

Following health guidelines set by the government is a must for entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs will follow health guidelines against the infection while providing services,” said Shrestha.

Similarly, Mayadevi Temple area in Lumbini has been reopened to tourists. Daily rituals and lighting candles at the temple area have been carried out.

Meanwhile, works have started on repairing and beautifying the structures, including road, pathways and others outside the Lumbini premises. In this connection, coloured bricks have been laid on the footpath leading to the Mayadevi temple from the entry gate number 5 at Mahilwar. The asphalt on this footpath has been removed and replaced with coloured bricks. This has made the footpath beautiful and attractive.

Similarly, lamps have been installed on the Italian lampposts on both sides of the footpath. The area looks brilliant when these lamps are lit at night. Grass has been pruned and flowers have been planted on the ground around the Mayadevi Temple premises.

The holy pond has been cleaned and the archaeological structures around the temple have been repaired. Soil has been added around the Bodhi Treee to protect it. Italian lampposts have been installed on both sides of the road from the Mayadevi Temple to the Peace Lamp.

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