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School operation not feasible right now-KMC

Published Date : November 27, 2020

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) said school operation was not possible in the present time of coronavirus pandemic.

Though coronavirus transmission rate is somewhat lesser than before the risk is still high, the KMC said, adding that the schools could not be operated amidst the prevalence of risk.

The KMC has also clarified that the teaching and learning would continue by adopting alternative measures for some moments due to the prevalence of risk.

A cabinet meeting held on last November 5 had assigned the concerned local level to take the responsibility of developing and enforcing some working procedures in this regard.

KMC Education Department Chief Namaraj Dhakal shared that no school has so far sought approval for their operations.

“Now the examinations of grade 12 are taking place. A meeting of the municipalities’ forum of the Valley would take further decision after the examinations”.

Schools across the country have been shut since last March due to the effects of global pandemic of coronavirus.

As many as 42,000 students are studying in 91 community schools while 220,000 students are pursuing their education in 541 institutional schools of KMC.

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