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COVID-19 Insurance controversy, MoF directs to settle within 3 days

Published Date : December 3, 2020

KATHMANDU, Dec 03: The Ministry of Finance has again instructed to the Beema Samiti, the regulatory body of insurance companies in Nepal, to settle Covid-19 related insurence controversy within three days. As many as 13-thousand people have submitted their documents claiming for the covid insurence.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry had directed to settle the issue within seven days, but the Beema Samiti as well as insurance companies had not fully implemented it’s directive.

The Ministry of Finance has given strict instructions to the Beema Samiti to pay the amount of Corona Insurance within three days and send the information to the Ministry.

The Ministry has also directed to send the details of the number of claims received by the insurance companies, the efforts being made by the Samiti to solve the problem.

At the beginning of spread of the coronavirus in the country, many people participated into the new insurence policy. However, as the number of infected people increased, problems arose in corona insurance.

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