• Sunday, 17 January 2021

Senior lyricist Bhairab Nath Rimal “Kadam” passes away

Published Date : January 9, 2021
Bhairab Nath Rimal (file photo)

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s senior lyricist Bhairab Nath Rimal “Kadam” has passed away on Saturday.

Rimal, one of Nepal’s top three lyricists, died at his residence on Saturday morning. He was born in Thamel 1993 BS.

All the songs he composed are classic. Among the songs he composed, ‘Jun Phool Maile Chaaheko Thiyen” and Aruna Lama’s ‘Udas Mero Jeevan Katha’ are very popular. Also, in Narayan Gopal’s music, Fatteman’s song “Zindagi Ko Paana Bhari Sukh Bhetidaina” is one of the most popular songs in Nepal in terms of words, music and singing.

Another singer Tara Devi’s song “Amar Maya Chhadera Jaane Pardeshi Aayen”, Dezee Baraili’s song “Bhika (Kha) Ri Hoon Ma Hindnu Chha Akhir …” also very popular. Similarly Deep Shrestha sung several of Bhairabnath’s songs, including “Hoon Yatri Euta Rumalli Hindne” which is probably one of Deep’s best songs.

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