• Tuesday, 2 March 2021

10 teams allowed to climb mountains in winter season

Published Date : February 3, 2021
A picture of the Manaslu base camp during the night. (Photo Courtesy:Tashi Lakpa Sherpa)

KATHMANDU: The tourism sector is on the rise after the coronavirus pandemic. Signs of this are beginning to be seen in mountaineering sector.

According to the Department of Tourism, 45 people from 10 climbing teams have taken permission to climb the mountains during the winter season till Tuesday. Of these, 7 are women.

Generally, in the winter season, people prepare to climb Mt. Everest by climbing small and low mountains. According to the Department, no team seemed interested in climbing Mt. Everest for the winter season.

According to the Department, the two teams have taken permission to climb Manaslu this year which is above 8,000 meters. Fourteen members of the two expeditions have taken permission for Manaslu.

Three members of a team have taken permission to climb Luza Peak (5726 m). The government has collected Rs 896,005 in royalties from the permits issued this season.

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