• Thursday, 6 May 2021

Government decides to close all educational institutions for four days

Published Date : March 29, 2021

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to close educational institutions across the country for four days. The ministry has decided to close educational institutions saying that air pollution will seriously affect the health of children.

Air pollution has increased in various parts of the country including Kathmandu Valley since Friday. According to Department of hydrology and meteorology, the prolonged drought has dried up the air and brought dust and smoke instead of rain clouds.

He said that air pollution has increased due to the increase in forest fires in different parts of the country. According to the Ministry of Education, an emergency meeting chaired by Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha on Sunday decided to close all educational institutions.

Before the decision to close the educational institution, the Minister had consulted with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. He immediately called a meeting at the ministry and said that the educational institution had to be closed due to health problems of millions of students. Now all the educational institutions will be operational only next Sunday.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Education Deepak Sharma said that an immediate decision had to be taken due to the difficult situation. He said, “It has been said that there is no air pollution in the mountainous and hilly districts, but it has been decided to give uniformity as it is for a short period of time.”

Stakeholders dissatisfied

Stakeholders have expressed dissatisfaction over the decision of the ministry to close the educational institution. He said that due to the pollution seen in some parts, the same decision should not be taken across the country.

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