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Terai-Madhesh-Fast-Track, PAC questions Nepal Army’s procurement process

Published Date : April 1, 2021
A meeting of the Public Account Committee under the House of Representatives. (file photo)

KATHMANDU: The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives has directed the Nepal Army to cancel the pre-qualification process of the second package related to the construction of Kathmandu-Terai-Madhesh fast track tunnel and bridge.

A meeting held at Singha Durbar on Thursday directed to restart the pre-qualification process by canceling the pre-qualification results for the tender of two fast track packages as there was no competition in the second package.

Announcing the decisions made by the meeting of the committee, the secretary of the committee Dr. Rojnath Pandey said, “Today, the results of the pre-qualification for the tender of two fast track packages were discussed at the Committee under the Nepal Army project.”

“There was a lot of talk about non-compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act regulations from different angles and the final conclusion was that in the tender called after pre-qualification in the competition, there were only two in the first package and one in the second package selected from pre-qualification. If the company is selected, there will be no competition and the second package will be canceled and instructions will be given to start the pre-qualification process again,” the Committee said.

The meeting of the committee also directed the Public Procurement Monitoring Office to prepare guidelines as soon as possible and remove the obstruction by preparing standards and procedures and issuing documents related to international level engineering procurement and construction.

Committee Secretary Pandey said, “The Public Procurement Monitoring Office, which has to prepare the documents related to EPC and make them available to the public procurement agencies, has realized that these problems have arisen due to non-preparation of documents.”

The committee has directed the Public Procurement Monitoring Office to remove such obstructions and end disputes by issuing the necessary documents related to EPC tender and international level engineering procurement and construction by preparing the criteria procedure for preparing these documents as soon as possible.

Under the second package, the Nepal Army has pre-qualified China Polychyangda Engineering Corporation for the construction of two tunnels first 1.37 km long tunnel and bridge from Simpani to Chalise Kholsi in Dhondre of Makwanpur and second 1.4 km from Ghattepakha to Bandarekholsi in Lendanda.

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