• Saturday, 31 July 2021

Number of rhinos in Nepal has increased to 752

Published Date : April 10, 2021
Rhinos in Chitwan National Park. (Photo courtesy: Chitwan National Park)

KATHMANDU: The number of rhinos has increased in Nepal. The number of rhinos found in Chitwan National Park and other national parks has reached 752 after six years. According to the 2015 census, there were 645 rhinos in Nepal.

Spokesperson of the Nature Conservation Trust and rhino expert Naresh Subedi said that the number of rhinos in Nepal has increased by 107 as compared to 2015.

According to latest rhino census of 2021, there are 694 rhinos in Chitwan, 17 in Shuklaphata, 38 in Bardiya and 3 in Parsa.

Minister for Forests Prem Bahadur Ale had inaugurated the National Rhinoceros Census, 2021.

About 200 staff, technicians and animal health workers were involved in the rhino census. Although the rhino’s main habitat is Chitwan National Park, it is also found in Parsa, Bardia and Shuklaphanta National Parks. The rhinos were taken from Chitwan to Bardiya and Shukla.

During the rhino census this year, one enumerator was killed by a tiger attack and another was seriously injured.

Binod Shrestha, a conservation officer working at the National Nature Conservation Trust, Sauraha, has been injured in a chase by wild elephants.

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