• Tuesday, 11 May 2021

NEPSE improves despite fear of lockdown, trading at ‘circuit’ level of 11 companies

Published Date : April 27, 2021

KATHMANDU: The stock market, which had declined for two consecutive days, showed enthusiasm on Tuesday. The NEPSE index, which measured lower more than 141 points on Sunday and Monday, has improved by more than 92 points on Tuesday.

The NEPSE index has increased by 92.46 points and reached 2,599.07 points on Tuesday. The Sensitive Index, which measures the trading activity of Class A companies, also rose by 14.48 points.

Despite the enthusiasm in the indicator, the transaction amount was less than on Sunday and Monday. Shares worth Rs 5.1 billion have been traded today. Earlier, the turnover was over Rs 7 billion on Sunday and over Rs 6.59 billion on Monday.

Circuit in Upper Tamakoshi

There is a circuit break in the share price of Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Company. The company’s share price rose 10 percent to Rs 847 per unit share. Shares of 11 companies, including Upper Tamakoshi, Bishal Bazaar Company, Mahila Microfinance Financial Institution and United Insurance, traded at circuit level.

Stock market will open in restraining period

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