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Controversy surfaced in JSP again, Mahantha Thakur sent separate letter to Speaker of Lumbini

Published Date : April 29, 2021
JSP Chairman Mahantha Thakur (file photo)

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP), Mahantha Thakur, wrote a letter to Lumbini Speaker Purna Bahadur Gharti after getting information that their four State Assembly members would be sacked. The four State Assembly members Santosh Kumar Pandey, Bijay Kumar Yadav, Suman Sharma Rayamajhi and Kalpana Pandey have joined the CPN (UML)-led State government.

Before that, State Assembly secretary published a notice Thursday that the four members have been relieved from their posts.

Stating that the six-member parliamentary party has been instructed to do all the work related to the state assembly by giving autonomy and that it will be recognized, the letter said, “No action has been deputed from the central level to the state assembly members.”

According to JSP leader Sarbendra Nath Shukla, the letter was sent to the Speaker, the Chief Minister and the JSP parliamentary party, Lumbini Provincial Assembly at 1:51 pm on Thursday. However thers received emails, but the speaker’s secretariat said they did not.

Santosh Kumar is directly elected from Rupendehi Constituency No. 3 (1) and Bijay Kumar Yadav is directly elected from Banke Constituency No. 2 (1) while Suman and Kalpana are proportional MPs.

A JSP leader close to Thakur said that four MPs were sacked as per the previous plan.

State Assembly Secretary Durlav Kumar Pun Magar claimed that the letter from JSP Chairman Thakur had not arrived.

According to him, the JSP-Lumbini Provincial Parliamentary Party with the decision of Central Executive Committee had informed the State Assembly in accordance with Article 32 (5) of the Political Parties Act and Rule 191 of the Provincial Assembly Rules. Along with the letter from the parliamentary party, a photocopy of the minutes signed by the majority members of the Central Executive Committee has also been sent.

Stating that the state assembly did not respond to the letter of Chairman Yadav or Thakur as it would only recognize the decision made by the parliamentary party, he said.

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