• Monday, 10 May 2021

New record in daily infections, 7211 people infected with COVID-19

Published Date : May 2, 2021

KATHMANDU: In the last 24 hours, 17,770 samples were tested and 7,211 people were infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, the number of infected people has increased by 136.8 percent as compared to the last week. State-wise, the number of infected people has increased by 233 percent in Lumbini and 216 percent in Karnali.

“This shows that Nepal is one of the fastest growing countries in the world,” said Dr. Biraj Karmacharya, director of public health and community program at Dhulikhel Hospital.

The positive ratio of infected is 37 percent. State-wise, Karnali has the highest percentage at 67.9 percent and Lumbini at 61.3 percent. The spread rate is also very high in Lumbini and Karnali. Lumbini has 2.9 percent and Karnali 2.4 percent.

Public health experts say the prohibition order will help control the current infection to some extent. Although this reduces the risk of infection in the community, it does not reduce the chances of it spreading indoors.

Within 24 hours, a total of 27 people died due to COVID infection that brings the total death at 3325.

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