• Saturday, 31 July 2021

NEPSE declines by 9.01 points on Tuesday

Published Date : July 20, 2021

KATHMANDU: The NEPSE index, which measures stock trading in the stock market, has declined on Tuesday.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), the index fell by 9.01 points to 2,985.57. On Sunday and Monday, the NEPSE gained significantly. Similarly, the Sensitive Index, which measures the trading volume of Class A companies, declined by 2.82 points to 558.11.

A total of 31,908,193 shares of 219 companies were bought and sold on Tuesday. The total turnover of share was Rs. 7.89 billion. After Tuesday’s transaction, the market capitalization has reached an average of Rs. 41.53 trillion.

Out of the total 13 subgroups traded, share prices of five subgroups rose while shares of eight subgroups declined. Trade subgroup rose by 126.38 points, hotels and tourism by 60.21 points, hydropower by 35.89 points, manufacturing by 14.36 points and investment funds by 1.02 points.

Similarly, banking declined by 0.74 points, development banks by 38.22 points, finance by 32.22 points, non-life insurance by 188.16 points, others by 26.42 points, microfinance by 27.11 points, life insurance by 126.95 points and investment by 1.11 points.

Arun Kabeli Power tops the list in terms of transactions. The company had a turnover of Rs. 387.82 million. Arun Valley Hydropower had a turnover of Rs 269.841 million, Nepal Insurance Rs 241.82 million, NIC Asia Bank Rs 234.96 million and Agriculture Development Bank Rs 227.48 million.

Investors in Laxmi Unnati Fund 10.04, Laxmi Equity Fund 10.01, Barun Hydropower 9.39, Mountain Hydropower 9.28 and Global IME Samunta Scheme-I gained 8.92 percent. Investors in ICFC Finance lost 6.17 per cent, Nepal Insurance 4.78 per cent, Summit MFI 2.91 per cent, HIDCL 2.86 per cent and Pokhara Finance 2.81 per cent.

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