• Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Over 150,000 foreign tourists arrive in 2021

Published Date : January 2, 2022
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KATHMANDU: A total of 150,962 foreign tourists arrived in Nepal during 2021, said the Nepal Tourism Board.

The Board shared that it is 25 per cent lesser than the number of tourist entering Nepal via air and road ways in 2020.

The decrease in arrival of tourists is attributed to restrictions in movements in foreign countries and at home due to outbreak and spread of the second wave of COVID-19 worldwide.

Board’s Director Mani Lamichhane shared that over 230,000 foreign tourists visited Nepal in 2020 while 1,197,191 entered Nepal in 2019.

Indian tourists constituted the highest number of foreign tourists- at 64,673 followed by Americans -at 22,853 in 2021.

Likewise, altogether 8,680 British nationals, 6,196 Chinese and 5,044 Bangladeshi citizens visited Nepal during the same period, the Board added.

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