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‘Efforts on to repatriate Nepali nationals recruited in Russian military’

Published Date : February 28, 2024

Kathmandu, Feb 28: Minister for Foreign Affairs NP Saud said efforts were underway to repatriate the Nepali nationals recruited in the Russian military.

The Minister shared this at a meeting held at the ministry on Tuesday with the relatives of Nepalis who joined the Russian military.

“Better if they had joined legally. They adopted illegal measure for joining. Whatever the ways adopted, the state has the responsibility towards them”, Minister said, adding, “The government is ever responsible to its citizens. No efforts will be left to return them. I have been honestly putting my efforts for the same”.

Minister Saud called the members of the families of those recruited in the Russian Army for discussion at the ministry.

He further shared that the Nepal government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Moscow-based Nepali Embassy have exerted all-out efforts to the possible extent to safely repatriate those recruited in the Russian Army, arrange their treatment and rescue and bring back the bodies of those killed in the war zone.

“In order for the safe return of the Nepali nationals, the government is continually in correspondence with the Russian side by mobilizing Kathmandu-based Russian Embassy, Moscow-based Nepali Embassy and other measures”, the minister added.

At the meeting, the Foreign Affairs Minister informed that the respective families have so far filed applications at the Department of Consular Services about 244 people, also including those deceased and remained out of contact with request seeking cooperation for safe repatriation of those who joined the Russian military.

The minister urged the families of the concerned Nepali nationals to register their applications at the Department of Consular Services about those recruited in the Russian Army. It would help the government to identify the status of Nepali nationals recruited in the Russian Army, he added. 

Also on the occasion, the minister shared the efforts made with the embassies of Russia and India to this effect.

He further shared that the Russian side has positively responded to some issues raised by Nepal government about its nationals recruited in the Russian Army and the issue of providing compensation to the families of the deceased and the injured has made progress.


02-       Public schools remain closed; students going India for elementary education

Ilam, Feb 28: Nim Lamu, 68, of Sandakpur Rural Municipality-5, Kalpokhari, is on verge of going to India for her granddaughter’s education.

“I have already searched for a room near Ribs School in Manebhanjyang, India to educate my granddaughter”, he said. With the closure of public schools in lack of students, children from Indian border villages of Ilam are compelled to go to study in Indian schools.

Children in Lekali village of northern Ilam, bordering India, are forced to go to Indian schools due to lack of schools. Sonam Sherpa, a resident of Jaubari, said parents have been forced to go to the Indian soil to educate their kids from primary level due to closure of schools in Jaubari, Meghma, Kalpokhari and other places of Lekali area having low population density and settlement. 

It has been over eight years since the National Primary School in Jaubari remained shut. The school operating class 1 to 5 remained closed in 2072 BS, reportedly due to inadequate number of students. “After sending many children from the border areas to study in Indian schools, there was a shortage of students in the schools here, up to 80 children used to come to study in the school. Since then, no initiative has been taken to resume the school operations”, he commented.

At present, around 15 children from this area are studying at Ribs School in Manebhanjyang. Doma Sherpa, who lives in Manebhanjyang to educate her child, said she spends 15,000 to 18,000 Indian Currency a month. Doma said, “It would have been easier to teach children in our own country, there is no school, everything has been ruined.

Not only Jaubari, Saraswati primary school at Megma of Maijogmai-2, primary school at Kalpokhari of Sandakpur-5 and another primary school at Majuwa of Sandakpur-5 have been closed, said Pasang Tshiring Sherpa, former principal of Rastriya Primary School, Jaubari.

According to Sherpa, Nepali children do not even know about Nepal’s nationality and self-respect while taking students to India. The closed schools have become dilapidated. The Armed Police Force (APF) had been stationed at the National Primary School in Jaubari some time ago. The armed forces have constructed their own building near the school. So far, the concerned bodies have not shown interest in running schools in the border areas.


03-       Mahakali provincial hospital offers pediatric cancer and hematology service

Dodhara Chandani (Kanchanpur), Feb 28: The first-of-its-kind of pediatric cancer and hematology specialist service has begun in Sudurpaschim.

The Mahendranagar-based Mahakali provincial hospital has started delivering pediatric cancer care specialized service in Sudurpaschim. Pediatric cancer and hematology specialist Dr Ichha Dhakal started the service at the hospital. 

Mahakali Provincial Hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Arjun Bhatta said, “This is the first time that a pediatric cancer and hematology specialist has come to the hospital. Cancer in children can be detected and treated on time”.

Dr Dhakal said that although it is possible to treat cancer in children it would be difficult to prevent child cancer. “Cancer can be avoided if adults do not smoke and drink alcohol and adopt a healthy lifestyle”, he said, adding, “Cancer in children is slightly different, preventive measures cannot be taken”. 

Chairperson of the Provincial Hospital Krishnananda Bhatta said that specialist services have been added to the hospital lately. “Although there are 28 specialist doctors in the hospital, 13 specialist doctors are now providing services”, he said, adding the hospital is adding specialist services including gyno.

Recently, the hospital has also started dialysis service, which has made it easier for the service seekers here.

04-       Nepal into final of ‘WsAFF Championship’

Kathmandu, Feb 28: Nepal has reached the final of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) Women’s Championship beating Lebanon.

Nepal defeated Lebanon 2-1 in the semi-finals held at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last night. Nepal has participated in the WAFF Championship for the first time. Sabitra Bhandari and Preeti Rai scored a goal each for Nepal. 

In the additional time in second half of the match, Preeti scored a goal to ensure Nepal’s victory. Earlier in the 38th minute of the match, Nepal’s defender Puja Rana scored a suicide goal to put Nepal under pressure. Pooja’s back pass to goalkeeper Anjila Tumbappo Subba while she was moving forward happened to be a goal. 

In the 75th minute of the match, Nepal scored the equalizer. Taking advantage of the mistake made by the Lebanese defender, Savitra scored the equalizer and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. After that, Nepal’s Preeti added a goal in the extra time of the second half to ensure Nepal’s journey to the final.

With this win, Nepal will now take on Jordan for the title. Jordan defeated Palestine 5-0 in the first semi-final to reach the final. The final will be played tomorrow. Earlier, Nepal, which is in Group ‘B’, had reached the semi-finals by defeating Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

05-       Khairahani municipality tops list in local level Fiduciary Risk Assessment

Chitwan, Feb 28: Khairahani municipality has topped the list in the local level Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) leaving behind all local governments (municipalities and rural municipalities) across the country.

In the assessment conducted by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA), Khairhani has secured top rank with 99 scores to become the highest performing local level in Nepal.

Mayor Shashi Khaniya said Khairhani municipality has been able to score the highest marks by meeting the indicators of various thematic areas of assessment.

Khairhani has scored excellent marks in the areas of planning, budget and program management, implementation capacity and management, accounting and reporting, monitoring, evaluation and audit and revenue management.

Khairhani municipality has secured 99 out of 100 full marks. He said the municipality has a track record of securing top position in performance within the district in the previous years, but this year it has been successful in becoming the best municipality across the country.

He said that this municipality has secured the top ranking due to less irregularities. “It is difficult to manage everything. If you can manage it and move forward and follow the law, you will be successful”.

He said that this result has been achieved by understanding the sentiments of the political parties and the people.

In order to make the local level financial system transparent, legitimate and effective, the local level fiduciary risk assessment has been carried out to institutionalize financial governance at local level by mapping potential risk areas of financial management and its accounting.


06-       UML is on ‘Mission-84’, Oli reiterates

            Biratnagar, Feb 28: CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said UML is advancing ahead by making the ‘Mission-84’ as the party’s major goal.

            Chairman Oli stated that UML is working with the plan to become the single largest party from the upcoming 2084 elections.

            Talking to the media at Biratnagar Airport today, Oli accused the present government of merely concentrating on its continuation.

            On the occasion, Chairman Oli claimed that the Nepali Congress despite being the largest political party has not advanced for the country’s development.

            Likewise, Oli emphasized that those holding public position, who are charged of corruption, should assist in the probe by resigning from their posts.  

            Oli also claimed that the government was not working for the nation’s development and good-governance as per the people’s demand.

            On a separate context, UML was for passing the Truth and Reconciliation Bill from parliament.

07-       883 tourists visit Khaptad in seven months

            Doti, Feb 28: A total of 883 travelers visited Khaptad region in the Sudurpaschim Province in the past seven months of the current fiscal year, according to the Khaptad National Park. Khaptad, a highly significant area in terms of religious and natural heritages, received 18 foreigners and 865 domestic tourists in the first seven months of the current fiscal years.

            In the fiscal year 2077/78 BS, three foreigners and 1,685 Nepalis visit the Khaptad area, a haven in the far-west while the number of total visitors was slightly more than 2,200 in the fiscal year 2078/79. 

            Likewise, a total of 2,891 visitors travelled here in the last fiscal year.

            With the beginning of the tourist season, the number of visitors is expected to rise in Khaptad.

08-       Winning toss, Nepal chooses fielding against the Netherlands 

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: Nepal won the toss and is now fielding against the Netherlands in the second match under the triangular international T20 series.

            At the toss held a while ago at the TU Cricket Ground, Nepali Captain Rohit Kumar Poudel won the toss and opted to field.

            Nepali team is in quest for victory in this match as Nepal was conceded defeat against Namibia by 20 runs in the first match under the series held on last Tuesday.

            The Netherlands, on the other hand, is entering the field pitch with an aim to make a good start by defeating the team Nepal.

            Two cricketers have been changed in the Nepali team in today’s match. Avinash Bohora and Bibek Kumar Yadav have been benched while Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi and Pratish GC are included in the playing team.

            The Nepali team consists of Kushal Bhurtel, Ashif Shekh, Kushal Malla, Dipendra Singh Aire, Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi, Sandeep Jora, Sompal Kami, Karan KC, Gulshan Jha and Pratish GC with captain Poudel.

09-       CPN (Maoist Centre) to run for NA Chairperson

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: The ruling CPN (Maoist Centre) has decided to file the party’s candidacy for the post of National Assembly Chairperson.

            The Standing Committee (SC) meeting convened at the party central office in Parisdanda took the decision to this effect, said party Spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota.

            Party Vice-Chairperson Sapkota said, “Though there will be discussions in this regard, we will reach a conclusion through consultations. At present, our party has decided to file its candidacy for the National Assembly Chairperson.”

            He shared that most of the SC members voiced that the CPN (Maoist Centre) should claim its stake on the post. The post of NA Chairperson would remain vacant from March 3. Other coalition partners in the government are also claiming their stake on the post.

10-       International harmony promoted thru art, PM Prachanda says

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that art has promoted international harmony. Concluding the ‘Mundum International Art Exhibition’ here today, the PM said the exhibition has hugely contributed to expand Nepal’s art and culture at the international level.

            “The arts kept in the exhibition are unique. This promotes international harmony. This is very important to expand Nepal’s arts and culture at the international arena,” PM Prachanda added.

            According to the PM’s Secretariat, the PM praised the artists for their contributions in uplifting the nation’s pride through their arts.

            Stating that Nepal is a naturally beautiful and unique country, the PM sated that the mountains, rivers, falls and forests here are artistic in their nature. The artists transform such beauties in the form of art by giving concrete shapes, the PM added. “I have realized that the message given by this (art) is very much powerful,” the PM said.

            More than 170 paintings of painters from 50 different countries were put on display in the exhibition organised at Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu by Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality of Khotang district.

            The organizer said that the expo was organised with an objective to promoting tourism by highlighting geographical, religious, cultural and tourism diversities.

11-       World Cup League 2: Nepal gets target of 185 runs

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: The Netherlands has posted a target of 185 runs to Nepal in the match being held today under the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2 series.

            Batting first by losing toss, the Netherlands made 184 runs in 20 overs at the loss of four wickets. Dutch cricketer Michael Levitt contributed the highest 54 runs.

            In the match being played at TU Cricket Ground, Nepal is now batting.

12-       CPN (Maoist Centre) designates province in-charges

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: The ruling CPN (Maoist Centre) has assigned its leaders with the responsibilities to carry out party’s jobs in provinces.

            The Standing Committee (SC) meeting convened at party’s headquarters in Parisdanda today finalized the division of the responsibilities for province in-charges and co-in-charges.

            Haribol Gajurel has been given the responsibility of Koshi Province in-charge while Sabitra Kumar Kafle as its co-in-charge. Similarly, Leelamani Pokharel has been assigned in-charge in Madhes Province and Bishow Nath Shah as co-in-charge

            Party Vice-Chairperson and Spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota has been entrusted with responsibility of Bagmati Province in-charge while Dinanath Sharma has been chosen as the Gandaki Province in-charge with Hariraj Adhikari as co-in-charge.

            Chakrapani Khanal has been appointed Lumbini Province in-charge while Kul Prasad KC as co-in-charge. Likewise, Kali Bahadur Malla is the Karnali Province’s in-charge.

            Likewise, Girirajmani Pokharel is the in-charge of Sudurpaschim Province with Bina Magar as the co-in-charge, shared Spokesperson Sapkota.

            The meeting also appointed Pampha Bhusal as the in-charge of Prabash Province Committee (Middle East), Laxman Panta as in-charge for India and TB Pathak as co-in-charge, and Surendra Kumar Karki as in-charge for Europe-America Committee.

            Hitman Shakya is chosen as the in-charge of Special Province Committee and Yesodha Subedi as co-in-charge. Co-in-charges for some provinces are yet to be decided, said Spokesperson Sapkota.

            The meeting also decided that the people’s representatives of the federal, provincial and local levels will continue to discharge their duties as per the elected responsibilities.

            The meeting also changed the date for launching party’s Terai Madhes National Awareness Campaign from March 14 to March 28 citing lack of time for preparations, said Sapkota.

            Similarly, Himal-Pahad-Terai (Mountain-Hill-Terai) National Unity campaign would be launched from April 27.

            The meeting also discussed contemporary political issues such concerning loan shark victims and dairy farmers among others and drew the attention of the government to resolve them convulsively, said Sapkota.

            Meanwhile, party’s Deputy General-Secretary Janardan Sharma has expressed his note of dissent on the division of responsibilities in the Standing Committee meeting. He expressed his reservations with the proposed division of responsibilities. He argued, “The division of responsibilities is not in accordance with the purpose of formation of party. It seems that the responsibilities were delegated with the hangover of the legislation session.”


13-       Homework ongoing to receive EPG report, PM says

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that preparations are ongoing to receive the report of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Nepal-India relations.

            In a meeting of the National Concern and Coordination Committee under the National Assembly held today, the PM said internal preparations are initiated to receive the report from both countries at a time.

            The lawmakers had expressed their concerns on the EPG report against the backdrop of India’s reluctance to receive the report.

            Responding to the lawmakers’ concerns, the PM said a situation could surface to decide on the part of Nepal if there was no condition to receive the EPG report at a time from both sides.

            The EPG was formed by the governments of the two countries to review past agreements signed between the two countries.

14-       People’s representative dies as utility pole falls

            Makawanpur, Feb 28: A people’s representative of Bakaiya Rural Muncipality-7 in Makawanpur district passed away as he was crushed with a utility pole.

            Member of Bakaiya Rural Muncipality-7 Ram Kumar Titung died on Wednesday as he was hit by the falling pole on Tuesday afternoon, Deputy Superintendent of Police of District Police Office Laxmi Bhandari said.

            Critically injured after the incident, he was rushed to Chure Hill Hospital in Hetauda and then was referred to Bharatpur Medical College, Chitwan.

15-       “White” and ”Green” revolutions in agriculture emphasized

            Baglung, Feb 28: Agriculture experts participating in a recently held agriculture conference at Sarbasiddhadham of Panchakot in Baglung district called for two kind of revolutions in agriculture sector- “White” and “Green”.

            By white, they meant milk and dairy products while green meaning fruits and vegetables.

            Interestingly, Baglung district is self-sufficient in dairy products and against this backdrop, agriculture experts suggested capitalizing on this products to generate income for the milk farmers.

            It may be noted that over 15,599,200 million litres of milk is produced in Baglung annually. The production is not only sufficient but also surplus for the district having 168,713 people. 

            According to the World Food Organization, a person needs 91 litres of milk annually. Going by this, the district needs 15,352,883 litres. It means, the district is producing 1.46 litre of milk per person in surplus.  So, with the sales of surplus production, the experts opined that the district could generate better income from dairy products.

            Dr Tanka Prasad Prasai, Province Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management in Gandaki Province, called for “White” and “Green” revolution in agriculture sector.

            Secretary Prasai viewed that animal husbandry, a profitable enterprise, should be adopted in abundance in the district for bulk production of dairy products under the “White” revolution besides prioritizing farming of fresh vegetables and fruits under the “Green” revolution.

            Prasai informed that the provincial government was considering scientific measures to boost domestic agricultural production. To protect the local species of cows, the provincial government is running a Gaushala Programme, he said.

            According to him, Manang, Mustang and Kaski districts had low production of dairy products. Hence, a special emphasis should be laid in these districts for increasing production, he opined, informing that Gorkha, Lamjung, Tanahun, Parbat, Syangja and Baglung districts produce food as per the requirement.

            He also underlined adopting plans and programmes and plans to increase production of various species of crop, fruits and vegetables dairy products in Gandaki Province.

            He highlighted the need for expanding collective farming and increasing the scale of commercial farming. According to him, the provincial government had prioritized production of dairy products, establishment of orange garden, vegetable farming, apple farming, goat and chicken rearing and was trying to commercialize local species of crops and make farmers and the district self-sufficient.

            Establishing model agriculture village, implementing agriculture tourism focused programmes, animal insurance programme and setting up processing industry and cold stores as well as animal insurance were on top priorities of the provincial government, the Province Secretary asserted.

            Similarly, Nepali Congress Gandaki Province President Sukraraj Sharma suggested the farmers not to leave the arable land barren. He urged them to utilize the barren land for agricultural gain.

            Likewise, religious leader Muktinath Baba Kamalnayanacharya stressed on identifying the soil and considering farming accordingly and be self-sufficient in agricultural products.

            The conference saw participation of agriculture experts from the Agriculture Knowledge Centres and Veterinary Service Centres in Baglung, Parbat and Myagdi districts and local farmers.

16-       Govt serious about addressing usury victims’ problems: PM

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has assured that the government was seriously working towards addressing the problems of victims of usury, microfinance and cooperatives.

            In today’s meeting of the National Assembly’s National Concern and Coordination Committee, PM Dahal asserted that the government was serious towards the issues of the usury victims and was effortful to form a high-powered commission and frame acts and legislations to iron out the problems.

            The court was yet to issue verdict on some cases related to usury, according to the PM. Towards this, he urged the court also to facilitate those cases considering the sensitivity of the issues and cases.

            The Head of the Government said, “The problems have emanated on the legal part not on the part of government. To resolve it, the court process should be completed. As the laws could be in favor of the perpetrators for the transactions based on the old papers and legal evidences (Tamsuk), the government and the court will work in tandem to resolve it according to the nature of the transaction.”

            The victims of these sectors are staging phase-wise protests in the recent months.

            On the occasion, the PM said talks were held with the concerned agencies and stakeholders today as well.

            Responding to the lawmakers’ concerns, the PM said the government was working in a planned fashion to expedite the development of Kathmandu-Tarai Madhes Expressway, advance construction of Sunkoshi Marin Diversion, take initiatives to resolve the issues of British Gurkhas, rescue the Nepali youths recruited illegally in Russian military service and table the Civil Servant Bill.

            Concerned agencies are directed to formulate upcoming 16th periodic plan, government’s policy and programmes, and prepare budget by giving priority to the Committee’s directives, according to the PM.

            During the meeting, Committee Chairperson Dil Kumari Rawal (Parbati) reminded the PM about the Committee’s directives on intergovernmental relations, national heritage, human rights, foreign afairs, national pride projects, national security, constitutional commissions and others.

17-   ‘Nepal ready to work together on conservation of environment’

      Kathmandu, Feb 28: Minister for Forest and Environment, Birendra Prasad Mahato, viewed government is committed to protect and capitalize the achievements made by various government agencies in environmental conservation.

      Addressing the inaugural on ‘UN Environment Assembly’ that kicked off at Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesdya, Minister Mahato further viewed Nepal was ready to work together with development partners as UN and WWF which have been assisting Nepal in nature conservation.

      He shared that Nepal had achieved success in the decade-long project on ‘restoration of ecosystem’ with multi-lateral agencies including UN working in environmental conservation. However, the achievement has created new challenge of human-wildlife conflict, Minister Mahato added.

      Minister Mahato informed the global community that in the wake of restoration of habitants, the number of tiger and rhinoceros increased significantly in Nepal. Now, Nepal government is focused on strengthening human-nature relations while coping with climate change impact, according to him.

18-   Tri-nation T20 series: Nepal loses to Netherlands by 2 runs

      Kathmandu, Feb 28: Nepal lost to Netherlands with two runs in today’s match held under the Tri-nation International T20 series.

      With this, it was the second consecutive loss of Nepal. Namibia had won the match against Nepal by 20 runs in the first match held on Tuesday.

      Chasing the target of 185 runs posted by Netherlands, Nepal was limited to 182 runs by losing eight wickets in 20 overs.

      For Nepal, Dipendra Airi gathered 63 runs in 34 balls while Rohit Kumar Poudel hit half-century. He collected 50 runs in 35 balls. Similarly, Ashif Sheikh gathered 34 runs in 23 balls while Kushal Malla and Karan KC made 11 runs each and Sandip Jora eight runs.

      Towards bowling, Sybrand Engelbrecht and Roelof can der Merwe took two wickets each while Aryan Dutt, Vivian Kingma and Timm van der Gugten one wicket each.

      Earlier, invited to bat first after losing the toss at Kirtipur-based TU Cricket Ground, Netherlands had made 184 runs losing four wickets in 20 overs.

      For Netherlands, Michael Levitt contributed highest 54 runs in 36 balls while Scott Edwards 33 runs in 16 balls, Teja Nidamanuru 31 runs and  Max O’Dowd four runs.

      For Nepal, Karan KC and Kushal Malla took one wicket each.

      Nepal will play against Namibia on March 1.


19-   CJ Shrestha claims judiciary coming to proper track

      Janakpurdham, Feb 28: Chief Justice Bishwambhar Prasad Shrestha has claimed that judiciary had returned to right track.

      During an interaction on ‘case management and its implementation status’ organized by the High Court here Wednesday, CJ Shrestha viewed the positive atmosphere was created with concerted efforts and commitments made by all those involved in judiciary.

      Constitution and general people expect fair, prompt and quality justice delivery from judiciary, so the judges must pay heed to it. “Unless the clearance of pending cases is speeded up, the reform efforts do not count,” he reminded, informing that several initiatives were going on for justice adjudication and managerial issues.

      The CJ underscored the need of ensuring result-oriented initiatives. “I’ve adopted judicial reform since I became CJ. However, commitment from all sides is must for judicial reform. Some positive effects have also emerged,” he told the subordinates.

      Shrestha also informed that it was however challenging to maintain timely justice delivery because of increasing backlogs. The vacant posts for judges in all tiers of judiciary were fulfilled, which would help clear pending cases. CJ Shrestha shared that pleading was conducted via video conferencing by adopting information technology. Jumla bench, Dhankuta bench, Mahendranagar bench and Hetauda bench had practiced the online hearing and pleading, which has saved service seekers’ time and cost.

      The adoption of IT would be expanded gradually across the country to ensure prompt and convenient justice delivery. He made aware the High Court and District Court judges to be honest and help justice seekers free of hassles caused by undue bargaining.

      On the occasion, Chief Registrar at SC, Devendra Raj Dhakal, informed that employee administration, physical infrastructures and budget management were speeded up for making justice delivery effective and prompt.

      Chief Judge of Rajbiraj bench of Janakpur High Court, Bam Dev Gyawali, said that the High Court was undergoing pressure due to growing demand in the wake of densely populated province. Judiciary needs to pay heed to management of personnel and resources, and incentives, he suggested.

      Similarly, speaking on behalf of district judges, Dhanush District judge, Churaman Khadka, also shared similar plight of inadequate resources and workforce, resulting into workload.

      The interaction was attended by district judges of Madhes Province and High Court judges and representatives.

20-   Private sector’s suggestions on e-commerce bill

      Kathmandu, Feb 28: The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), American Chamber of Commerce Nepal, and Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies have submitted suggestions for amendment in the e-commerce bill.

      The joint delegation visited Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, and Chairperson Education, Health and Technology Committee, Bhanu Bhakta Joshi, separately, and submitted the suggestions. 

      A team comprising President of Information Technology Council of CNI, Ajit Bikram Shah, met Minister Sharma on Tuesday and urged to be clear on major issues including definition of the bill, responsibility of the parties involved in e-commerce, provision of punishment and access to international market.

      On the occasion, the government was requested to create environment to invest in information technology sector by large-scale investors in Nepal.

      Minister Sharma shared that the government was active to formulate necessary laws, including those related to information technology and cyber security. She urged the private sector to prepare projects related to information technology sector to present in the coming investment summit, asking to provide written suggestions to the government. 

      The suggestions regarding the e-commerce bill were submitted to Chairperson Joshi as well.

21-   Federalism implementation in priority: PM Dahal

      Kathmandu, Feb 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said implementation of federalism is government’s top priority.

      In the meeting of the National Concern and Coordination Committee of the National Assembly on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that the meeting of National Coordination Council, which had not taken place for the past four years, was held twice this year and made various decisions regarding the enforcement of federalism.

      He clarified that directives related to operation of projects in national parks and reserve areas was brought into implementation after its passage and bill relating to use of riverbed materials for its easy supply is under consideration in the parliament.  

      The Prime Minister stressed that the government was effortful to accelerate activities of Kathmandu-Tarai fast track, Budhigandaki hydropower project, postal highway, Jaynagar-Janakpur-Kurtha-Bhagaha railway, Sunkoshi Marin diversion.

22-   Press Council grills 183 online media

      Kathmandu, Feb 28: The Press Council Nepal has grilled as many as 183 online media for not giving credit to news source in the last one and half year.

      Issuing a press release on Wednesday, the Council shared that it took action against 183 online media and web portals for using news contents without permission of sources.

      Out of 183 news media grilled by the Council, 143 were asked to submit clarification, and 11 were reprimanded, reads the statement issued by Assistant Administrative Officer of Council, Ram Sharan Bohara.

      Most of the media submitted their responses with commitment of not repeating it in coming days as. The Council has written to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority to take action against 29 web portals, reasoning that they were not registered as media.

      A meeting of the Journalist Code of Conduct Monitoring Sub-Committee held on Wednesday decided to forward further action to the media that fails to mention news source.

23-       Defense Minister directs NA to evaluate threats to national security

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said the Nepali Army (NA) should be capable to examine the challenges that can be surfaced before the national security due to domestic and foreign causes.

            Addressing the ‘division chief coordinating meeting of NA’ that kicked off in the federal capital here Wednesday, DPM Shrestha made aware the security agencies that geopolitical position, strategy and competition of powerful states, and growing presence of neighbours, having diverse principles and system, in the world forum have added challenges before security.

            The security agency must be focused on astute analysis of the unfolding situation and preparedness in the wake of activities waged internally by the cabals, and those willing to disrupt communal harmony. The meeting will be helpful to identify the measures to cope with the security threats, Khadka hoped.

            He reminded that NA’s role is appreciated at national and international levels for its feat for the country and people by leveraging the limited means and resources at different times. NA has also got international repute for its top list among the security deployed in the peace keeping in various countries. The prompt search and rescue operation launched by NA after the Jajarkot earthquake which I witnessed gave me confidence of NA that it was full of professional capacity and integrity.

            The NA was tasked to undertake projects including Kathmandu-Tarai expressway as per people’s expectation. NA could be given additional responsibility to carry out development projects in difficult and distant geographies, Defense Minister informed.

            He expressed belief that all sides would be sensitive to conclude the projects on time.

            On the occasion, Chief of Army Staffs, Prabhu Ram Sharma, viewed, in addition to the tasks mandated by the constitution and the National Security Policy, the NA is involved in nature conservation, disaster response, epidemic control, and establishment of world place. It is ready to cope with any sort of challenges including internal conflict and traditional security threats.

            It is essential at present to address the traditional and non-traditional security threats, he said, adding that the meeting would be fruitful for learning and experience sharing on the issues of national security and stability.

            The economic and social impacts of international issues Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas war seem reflection of globalization.

24-       President stresses developing Chundiramgha as national unity centre

            Kathmandu, Feb 28: President Ram Chandra Paudel has said Chundiramgha, birthplace of Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya, could be developed as a national unity centre reflecting entire Nepal. It can be a literary heritage and destination for all Nepalis living across the globe, he suggested.

            At a programme relating to a perspective plan on Bhanu Literature Park here Wednesday, President Paudel viewed the park could be established by incorporating diverse ethnicities and their literatures. Natural and artistic beauty adds attraction to the park, he added.

            Similarly, the President reminded the team working for the park that an image of pioneering poet Bhanubhakta could be placed at the centre of park. Other issues that can be mulled in this regard are the literary circuit linking Chundiramgh to Arghauarchale of Kaski, birthplace of Leknath Paudel; Batulechaur, birthplace of Dharmaraj Thapa; Pustun, Lamjung, birthplace of Rastra Kavi Mathav Prasad Ghimire etc.

25-       UML-led majority govt ensures prosperity: Chair Oli

            Inaruwa, Feb 28: CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has said only UML-led majority government would direct the country towards the path of prosperity.

            At a cadres gathering organised here on Wednesday, he stressed that the nationality would not be strengthened until the formation of UML-led majority government. 

            Directing the party cadres to involve in expansion of party organisations, the UML Chair shared people’s trust could be won from activities carried out at grassroots.

            The Chairperson underscored the need to ensure poor people’s access to basic facilities as road, education, health, communication and electricity. The government must carry out activities for country’s prosperity, he suggested.

            Also the former Prime Minister, Oli called the incumbent government to carry out activities that ensure people realize democracy.

            On the occasion, more than 100 leaders and cadres under leadership of central committee member of Janata Samajbadi Party, Punam Mehata, joined the CPN (UML).

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