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Nepal receives nearly Rs 1200 billion remittance in 10 months

Published Date : June 11, 2024

Kathmandu, June 11: The government has recorded some Rs 1200 billion in remittance in the last 1o months of the current fiscal year.

The remittance inflow increased by 19.02 percent as compared to the same period of the last fiscal year. The Nepal Rastra Bank released data on Monday which showed the country got Rs 1198 billion remittance till the end of Baisakh month.

It was increased by 23.4 percent in the same period of the last fiscal year.

The review period witnessed the number of labour permit (institutional and individual) for foreign employment at 374 thousand, while 237 thousand people sought the labour permit for the second time.

02-       Optimum use of resources for development: Chair Nepal

Dhanusha, June 11: Chairman of CPN (Unified Socialist), Madhav Kumar Nepal, has said optimum use of available resources is imperative for country’s development and prosperity.

Addressing the first general convention of Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal here Monday, Chairman Nepal viewed although JSP Nepal was undergoing tough time, it had only option to move ahead with strong willpower and institutionalization of change.

Vice Chairman of Nepali Congress, Dhanraj Gurung, said the relations between Madhes and hilly communities were getting more harmonious in recent time. The goodwill showed each other by these communities in disaster reflects the harmony, he said, pointing out the need for adopting political coexistence and tolerance.

Party split is not good for country, he observed.

On the occasion, Vice Chairman of Rastriya Swatantra Party, Dr Swarnim Wagle, said the country could be developed by protecting the constitution achieved through various revolutions including the Madhesh movement. Wise use of national resources would help boost national economy, he said, adding that irrigation and agricultural development in Madhes was urgency so that country would forward industrialization.

03-       Democratic forces’ role for political stability: Leader Dr Koirala

Kathmandu, June 11: Nepali Congress leader Dr Sekhar Koirala said time has come for democratic forces to work actively for political stability in the country.

Frequent changes in government put country’s development in casualty, he said while addressing the 15th memorial day of former vice president of NC and democratic fighter, Shailaja Acharya, on Monday.

“Unless we maintain political stability, development eludes the country,” he said, urging the democratic forces to mull reality why country is desperately waiting for political stability, economic development and good governance.

He remembered the late leader Shailaja Acharya as a bold political figure. NC can restore its image if it works by respecting BP Koirala and Shailaja Acharya, Dr Koirala suggested.

On the occasion, leader Dr Sashank Koirala said the late Acharya had played a significant role in nation’s development. She was a bold and assertive figure in the party, he added.

According to him, the party failed to address the contribution she made to national politics.

Leader Dr Minendra Rijal recounted the role the late Acharya played to keep Nepali Congress intact. She was able to maintain equal relations with different leaders, he mentioned.

It was Shailaja Acharya who truly adhered to BP’s ideology, leader Mahesh Acharya said, expressing concern over eroding policy, leadership and morality in NC at present.

Moreover, former chief secretary of Nepal government, Dr Bimal Koirala, remembered that Shailaja Acharya was a person with honesty, devotion and integrity. She had forwarded the policy of small hydropower projects when she was the minister for water resources, which, he argued, helped Nepal make a stride in hydropower development.

Chairperson of Shailaja Acharya Adarsha Society, Durga Ghimire, underscored the need for spreading the ideal of the late Acharya to ensure clean politics.

04-       President Paudel leaving for Switzerland today

Kathmandu, June 11: President Ramchandra Paudel is leaving for Switzerland later this evening to attend the inaugural Forum of the Global Coalition for Social Justice that will take place during the High-level Segment of the 112th Session of the International Labour Conference.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shared in a press statement that President Paudel will address the inaugural Forum of the Global Coalition for Social Justice on June 13.

Paudel is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with his Swiss counterpart Viola Amherd on June 12.

Similarly, President Paudel will leave Geneva for Berlin on June 15 for an official visit to Germany at the invitation of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The Paudel is scheduled to hold official talks with his German counterpart on June 17, the Ministry added.

The President’s spouse Sabita Paudel will accompany the President during the visit. President’s Foreign Affairs Expert Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise, Secretary at the Office of the President, Foreign Affairs Secretary and Nepal’s Ambassadors to Switzerland and Germany are the other members of the delegation.

The President is scheduled to return home on June 19.

05-       Farmers want reasonable price for paddy

Baniyani, June 11: Farmers from Kachankawal rural municipality of Jhapa district have been worried over not getting proper market for the paddy they produced.

There is no sale of chaite dhan, the paddy cultivated in Chait month, at present, according to farmer Durga Prasad Thapa from Kanchankawal rural municipality-2.

The rice is ripe in the field for harvest. But the slump in price has distressed farmers.

They were selling the rice at Rs 1,050 to Rs 1,200 per maan some days back.

Also the member of rice super zone coordination committee, Thapa viewed as the government encouraged paddy production, its sales and marketing should also be managed. The paddy production will increase this year, he hopped.

Another farmer Toyanath Mishra from Kachankawal-3 said, “Although we sold a maan of rice for Rs 1,200 in the beginning, the price declined heavily now- Rs 900 per maan. It is a peak time for paddy harvest and sale, but declining price is cause for concern.”

For a week, the paddy failed to get proper price.

As the chaite dhan is not as dry as the normal rice, it is not practical for farmers to store. So, the farmers have no option but to sell it immediately after threshing in the field.

“Despite loss, we are bound to sell chaite dhan,” Mishra shared plight, adding that if it is not sold on time, it will decay.

Earlier, on March 28, the government had decided to fix the minimum support price of chaite dhan at Rs 2,707 per quintal. Such rice should not have more than 18 percent wetness.

The farmers are worried much because they are forced to sell the rice at a price less than the minimum support price fixed by the government.


06-       Efforts on to resume reconstruction of cold store  

Tikapur (Kailali), June 11: The Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project (RJKIP) has begun a discussion on how the stalled construction of a cold store at Tikapur in the district could be resumed.

The construction was stalled since February 6 earlier this year after finding faulty design in the foundation of the cold store.

The RJKIP initiated discussions with engineers and World Bank Groups on the estimated cost and design. The construction entrepreneurs and the project held discussion on the time it would take for accomplishment.

AM Kinara JV Dhangadhi was contracted for the construction of the cold store spacious for 1,000 metric tons of agro products on October 16, 2023.

The project was contracted for Rs 70.06 million, giving time for 15 months. Of the total amount, the RJKIP would bear 80 percent cost, while remaining investments would be borne by the consumers.

The cold store would be an essential facility, especially for preserving the freshness and quality of locally produced tomato and potato.

Chief of agriculture implementation unit in Tikapur, Bharat Kandel, informed that 5,221 hectares of land was used for producing potato in Kailali district. More than 85,600 metric tons of potato is produced in the land.


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