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Satyamohan Joshi to donate his body for research purpose

Published Date : February 12, 2021
Culture Expert and Centenarian Satyamohan Joshi announcing to donate his body to KIST Medical Institute for the research and study on Friday, February 12, 2021. (Photo: ET)

LALITPUR: Culture expert and centanarian Satyamohan Joshi and his spouse have declared to donate their bodies for research and education.

At a program organized in Lalitpur, the Joshi couple declared donating their bodies to Gwarko-based KIST Medical College.

On the occassion, Joshi said the bodies’ donation was announced so that medical science students get an opportunity to study his longevity. “I wish medical students may study factors behind consistency in my health during a long span”.

He suggested that every individual should constantly engage in their actions without taking any stress, pain, and pressure to gain longevity.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City mayor Chiribabu Maharjan expressed his belief that the country people would take lessons from centenarian Joshi, especially his good health and longevity.

Member-secretary of the Publications Narendra Raj Prasain shed light on the greatness, simplicity, and far-sighted attitude. “The consent letter sent to KIST College has featured the signatures of 101-year-old Joshi and his 96-year-old spouse Radha Devi Joshi as well as of their son Anuraj Joshi”.

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