• Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Binay Jung Basnet released on bail

Published Date : March 10, 2021
File photo-- Binay Jung Basnet

KATHMANDU: Binay Jung Basnet, who threatened to publish a pornographic photo of Sapana Roka Magar, who is on the BBC’s list of 100 most influential women, has been released on Rs 50,000 bail.

On Wednesday, the Kathmandu District Court had ordered his release on bail of Rs 40,000 for cyber crime and Rs 10,000 for indecent behavior. Superintendent of Police Ramesh Basnet of Kathmandu Metropolitan Police informed that Basnet was released on bail on Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police Circle, Kathmandu had completed the investigation on Basnet and submitted the report along with the opinion to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday. The government prosecutor’s office had filed a case against Basnet in the Kathmandu District Court on charges of cyber crime and indecent behavior.

Giving an interview on some YouTube channels, Basnet had threatened, “I have nude pictures of Sapana on my mobile phone, and I make them public.” Basnet was arrested from the bus park in Kathmandu after Sapana lodged a FIR against him.

Initially, a complaint was lodged against him for indecent behavior, but after finding some pictures of Sapana, the police proceeded with the case as per the Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 BS.

Basnet and Sapana used to identify each other as father and daughter and used to burn helpless bodies in Kathmandu. As soon as Sapana was included in the BBC’s list of influential women, there was a rift between them.

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