• Monday, 29 November 2021

Minister Karki instructs to work in result-oriented manner

Published Date : November 2, 2021

KATHMANDU: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has instructed the Ministry and its subordinate agencies to work in result-oriented manner so that the society could realized the impact of the works.

At the review meeting of the first quarter of the current fiscal year 2021/22, Minister Karki reiterated that the employees in the ministry and line agencies should work in such a manner that the results should be tangible in the next quarterly review meeting.

Karki urged the staffers to move ahead with self-assessment and action-plans and assured his moral support for them. “At the time when the world was developing as the ‘global village’, we all should work at war footing in the sector of communication and information so that the sentiments of people in all region-hill, mountain and teraibe interconnected.

The Minister spoke of the need to make the 4G service more effective. “The Nepal Telecom has already spent over Rs 20 billion for 4G service. Is there any point to talk about developing 5G when 4G related projects were not complete yet?”

Karki, also spokesperson of the government, viewed that the Gorkhapatra Corporation and Nepal Television should be made more competitive and effective in comparison to other publication houses and media.

Calling for the need to make cyber system more secured and strong, the Minister urged the concerned authority to enable environment where the children from rural part of the country could avail education through alternative learning methods.

He also reaffirmed government’s commitment towards freedom of press. ‘It’s imperative to regulate the meeting while ensuring freedom of press.”

Similarly, National Planning Commission’s member Saloni Pradhan reiterated that the important agendas of the Ministries that were associated with the 15th five-year planning be result-oriented. She underscored the need to diversify the postal service in the country.

Secretary at the Ministry Dr Baikuntha Aryal urged all the related agencies to make their works result-oriented. According to him, clearance of arrears in the subordinate committees was still a challenge and drew the attention of the concerned agencies to carry out clearance of arrears.

He said that the fiscal details of all the line agencies be streamlined by the end of the current fiscal year.

According to the Ministry’s details of budget allocation and expenses during the first quarter of the current fiscal year, current expenses were recorded over Rs 52 million. Likewise, capital expenditure was recorded over Rs 1.9 billion. Out of Rs 5 million allocated under the fiscal management, 18.5 per cent was spent. (RSS)

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