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Ninth National Games again deferred

Published Date : December 3, 2020

KATHMANDU, Dec 03: The ninth national sports competition yet again have been deferred due to risk of coronavirus infection.

Previously, the National Sports Council (NSC) had decided to organize the competition in Pokhara from March 4 next year.

Apart from swimming, shooting and hockey, other sports infrastructures have been constructed for the Ninth National Games to be held in Pokhara, the capital of Gandaki Province.

Even though most of the physical infrastructure of the game is ready, it is not possible to organize the game in March due to the risk of corona infection, said NSC member Sampanna Shrestha.

He clarified that the ninth national sports competition would be held in Pokhara, and the games would not be stopped due to lack of infrastructure. However, he said that NSC would decide soon when the game would be played.

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